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A Closer Look At The Volkswagen Scirocco

The Volkswagen Scirocco is a perennial favourite amongst drivers who demand the solid reliability and functionality of the Volkswagen Golf, but wrapped in something…well…a little easier on the eye. The VW Scirocco certainly ticks both these boxes.

Critically lauded by both critics and consumers, the Scirocco is now at a cross-roads in its lifespan. Do Volkswagen mess with a winning design to keep the range fresh, or do they keep things as they are and risk becoming stale down the line?

This sportier alternative to the Volkswagen Golf, provides you with all the features you may already be used to in a car, as well as some you may not be. Utilizing a 1.4 litre TSI 4 Cylinder engine, with the option of both a super charger or turbo charger, as well as a 2.0 litre FSI turbo charged 4 Cylinder engine, these cars can come with impressive horsepower and economy considering their design and purpose. These models come in both automatic as well as manual transmissions, with a special order option of a 6 speed gearbox. They can be special ordered with optional body kits, and firmer suspension systems if you go for the Scirocco R model which became available in 2012. Accessories include a panoramic sunroof, CD stereo with MP3 player, alloy rims in either 17 inch or 18 inch sizes, HID Headlights, front-side airbag system, climate control system, a keyless entry system, ABS braking, and many other power accessory features. Also available for the Scirocco is an optional three mode, adaptive chassis control system, giving the driver the choice of sport & comfort, which affects steering and suspension tune.

Those specifications may mean little to the average car buyer, but what it all boils down to is this simple fact: the Scirocco will get you where you need to go in style, comfort and speed. The Volkswagen Scirocco is a must have for anyone wanting fuel efficiency in a car, that still has power to do all the driving that daily life requires. Motorway driving will be a snap in this mean little machine, no matter if it’s work related driving or leisure driving. Make those long trips to work in comfort and style, knowing that your Scirocco is saving you money in fuel costs, essentially paying for itself in no time at all.

If you’re worried about the environment, then the Scirocco is definitely the perfect vehicle for you. It has an emissions rating of 6.5 (Greenhouse rating) and 8.5 (Air Pollution rating), making it a highly chosen vehicle for anyone worried about emissions affecting the environment. The Scirocco has a CO2 rating of 189g/km, making it one of the leading green cars out on the market today. Even with its 188 KW (at 6000 RPM) power, and 330 NM (at 2500 RPM) torque; it will still be safer on the environment than its leading competition. For a little car, it packs a major punch in the power department, while still being safe on the environment. Volkswagen has prided itself on making the best quality vehicles where emissions are concerned. It’s a leader in new technologies to cut down on the harmful CO2 that exists in exhaust emissions, making its cars some of the leading green vehicles on the market to date.

Volkswagen Scirocco

Volkswagen Scirocco

All in all, this little car is a great choice for anything you may put it through. It will keep your children safe, providing them with a reliable source of transportation for many years to come, as well as provide them with a green vehicle that’s planet friendly. If it’s a car for work that you’re looking for, then there’s no better choice than the Scirocco. It’s fuel efficiency on your work trips will mean it’s getting you back and forth to work, for less money than your old car, while providing cleaner emissions as well. Don’t choose a lesser quality car, when the Scirocco offers everything you need, at a price you can afford. Not only is it an affordable vehicle that features many innovations in greenhouse emission prevention, fuel efficiency, and engine power, it’s also got style to back it up. The body kits mentioned earlier will give it a mean street look, which will turn heads everywhere you go. It keeps what its ‘level-headed’ cousin, the Golf, has in the looks department, and takes it over the limit by giving it a sleeker, more modern look to its coupé design. Don’t miss out on the opportunity to own one of these amazing cars.

BLUEMOTION: A Great Choice For Fuel Efficiency and Emissions Ratings

Vehicles can be an amazing feat of technology, getting us around in our daily lives by the millions. Every year a new vehicle comes out, and each time it boasts how it’s the best on the market. A lot of the time, these cars can’t live up to their boasting, falling short of reaching the expectations of those their marketing is aimed at. So what are you to do? There’s a new vehicle coming out each year, and you’re wanting the best of the best. Many car companies boast that their vehicle is top of the line, greenest of the green, and the best value for your buck, but are they telling you the truth?

When it comes to the truth, Volkswagen has been providing it for many generations of cars, and trucks, for millions of car owners over the years. They strive to provide the market with the best quality possible, and the most environment friendly cars that they can. Each year they increase the quality in their vehicles, in both design and functionality. Their engines get cleaner with each new design, burning less fuel and creating less exhaust. Their safety features provide not only the driver, but the passengers with more protection each time a new model has come out.

With that in mind, you should have a good idea of which car company you should be choosing to go with. But what model of vehicle will fit your criteria? The new Volkswagen Golf Bluemotion, recently made available for order with deliveries as earliest as August, is by far one of the best new models of this generation. It has unmatched fuel efficiency in its class, making it one of the world’s highest rated fuel efficient family vehicles. Sporting a 50 litre fuel tank, and an 88.3 miles per gallon fuel consumption, it will average around 977 miles per tank theoretically. What does that mean for you? It could very well mean you will only have to refuel the tank ten times a year for an average of roughly 10,000 miles driven annually. This wonder of fuel efficiency has been achieved by the revolutionary lightweight design, and the newest of engine related modifications. Other improvements include the addition of super low rolling resistant tires (with higher air pressure rating), a longer gearbox gear ratio (utilizing a 5 speed manual gearbox), the golf’s new standard battery regeneration system with start/stop capability, and some of the most modern aerodynamic modifications available.

Volkswagen BlueMotion

Volkswagen BlueMotion

Are you sold yet? These cars are going fast, orders are filing in quickly and the books are filling up fast. Why wait for such an amazing vehicle? You could be losing out on a once in a life time opportunity to be the first to obtain this amazing car. It’s 1.6 litre, 110 P.S. common rail T.D.I. Engine based on the amazing EA288 engine series gives it the power you need, in a smaller package than the competition. This four cylinder, 16 valve unit can develop a maximum torque of 250 NM, from between 1500 RPM and 3000 RPM, making it a powerful vehicle for any type of driving you will need. Not only does it provide you with an amazing powerhouse of an engine, but it’s emissions and fuel consumption is further reduced by the reduced internal friction. Further enhancing this, is the innovative thermal management system, which utilizes a shortened warm up phase, exhaust gas re-circulation, two stage oil pump system, cylinder pressure sensors, a switchable electrical water pump, and its water cooled inter-cooler which is built right into the intake manifold. Added to that is the oxidation catalytic converter, with diesel particulate filter and NOx storage catalytic converter.

Still not sold yet? The BlueMotion also comes in two varieties: three door and five door. This little car will give you a lot more room for your buck than you might be expecting. It’s perfect for any size family, and will provide you with all the room you need, for any purpose you have. Coupled with standard features such as air conditioning, bluetooth capability, composition media system, electronic stability control system, and 15 inch steel wheels, this car comes with all you need at a price you can’t beat. Starting around just £22,800 at Sinclair Volkswagen*, the BlueMotion is a steal for the quality and features you’ll be getting in it. There’s no other car out at the moment that can match it’s fuel efficiency or emissions rates, at the price of the BlueMotion. Reserve your BlueMotion and start saving not only money, but our planet as well.

One of the best features of this car, is of course it’s green factor. Everyone is concerned with the well-being of our planet, and Volkswagen is among the leading car companies involved in making cleaner, greener vehicles for our driving needs. The BlueMotion boasts a CO2 emission ratio of 85g/km. This makes the BlueMotion one of the highest rated, green vehicles for this generation of cars. This is due to several of the newest technical advances used in the BlueMotion, coupled with its lightweight design to provide you with the best quality vehicle possible. Don’t you think it’s time you start helping to protect the Earth and it’s environment? The BlueMotion can help you do this and more, providing you with a greener vehicle that will save you money on fuel expenses, paying itself off within a short amount of time. Don’t let this deal pass you by.

*Correct at time of publication

A Look At The Volkswagen Golf GTi Mk 7

Every year, more and more drivers are looking for safer alternatives to their old vehicles. With the emissions laws ever changing, and the constant worry about the environment escalating each year, there’s never been a better time to look into a new Volkswagen. As leaders in the car industry for safe, fuel efficient, environment friendly cars, they’re your best choice in car company to purchase from. Everyone wants a car that can save them money on fuel, making it easier to make those long trips to work, and Volkswagen’s latest plethora of vehicles out on the market are the answer to that wanting. Parents are choosing Volkswagen more often, over leading competitors, when it comes to buying their child or children their first vehicle. The safety features alone give those parents the confidence they require, knowing that their choice in vehicle will keep their children safe on the road, as they start on their journey into adulthood. Even families are benefiting from the newest of Volkswagen vehicles, due to the room they provide for the whole family, as well as the comfort integrated into their designs for long family trips, or simply for shopping trips and family outings.

Volkswagen Golf GTI

The Volkswagen Golf GTI Mk 7

So which model is right for your needs? Which Volkswagen will fit your specific needs and wants? There are many to choose from, as Volkswagen has been providing fuel efficient, green cars for many generations. Their cars are highly affordable, making them a great selection for anyone looking for a new car that may be on a budget. You’ll get more for your buck when choosing a Volkswagen, as they all come with an amazing array of features and equipment that provides you with more horsepower, torque, greener emissions, and all the comforts you could need, all in one package. So, with all these amazing accomplishments, why is it that you’re still unsure of which model to choose from?

The newest Volkswagen Golf GTI is definitely a good choice when it comes to covering all the previously mentioned categories you’ll be looking for in a car. Aspects such as fuel efficiency and durability is key to finding a great car. You want a car that will last you a long time, and provide you with the most optimal fuel efficiency you can get. The VW Golf GTI provides you with all of this and more, in a stylish package that will turn heads no matter where you go. Don’t you think it’s time to arrive in style, even when it’s just arriving at work?

The VW Gold incorporates a 230 PS Golf GTI Engine, that provides an 18% improvement in fuel economy. This advanced EA888 series engines packs a major punch when it comes to power and torque. It’s a two litre turbocharged, direct injection gasoline engine, that utilizes a modern cylinder head design that provides it with more power than any engine before it. It can produce upwards to 220 horsepower (anywhere from 4500 to 6200 RPM). It’s available in a 230 horsepower version as well (between 4700 RPM and 6200 RPM). Both versions will be equipped with a standard start/stop system, a 6 speed gearbox transmission, attaining the same low NEDC fuel consumption of 39 miles per gallon and 139g/km CO2 ratio. Compared to previous models, the combined fuel consumption of this new engine is reduced (as stated previously) 18 percent when compared to previous models. The 6 speed dual clutch gearbox is an optional add-on for both power levels provided. The new engine models provide a considerable increase in torque compared to older models (70 NM / 51.6 lbs/ft). Added to these improvements, is the new efficient thermal management system. These innovative modifications include exhaust gas cooling which is integrated into the cylinder head, and dual injection system with both multiple point injection and direct injection. A fully electronic coolant control system, enables a significant increase in efficiency for thermal management, providing a shorter warm-up phase. This reduces loss of friction, which improves your fuel economy significantly.

There are many new features the VW Golf GTI provides it’s owner, making it a powerhouse in such a small package. Progressive steering being one of them, a standard for both engine types. The steering system will let drivers make turns with minimum steering wheel movement, making it easier to drive without constantly turning the steering wheel repeatedly for larger turns and bends. Dynamic chassis control will also play a huge role in the Golf’s innovative features. This system will offer three differing driving modes for the driver to select. These modes being Comfort, Normal, and Sport. The driver will be able to select them under the Driving Profile Selector, on their touchscreen centre console. Each profile will give the driver a unique and dynamic handling for the Golf, allowing for better driving under varying circumstance on the road. And with the innovative improvements to the MacPherson-type front suspension system, utilizing track stabilizing scrub radius and low wishbone (which was newly developed for this suspension system), it will enable an optimal handling and steering never seen before in a car, with a balanced response to any vibrations.

The VW Golf GTI is by far, the best choice for your vehicle needs. Wrapped in a stylish package that is both modern and hip, is a powerhouse of torque and muscle not previously seen in such a small vehicle. Don’t let this vehicle pass you by, invest in a car that will save you money on fuel, essentially paying itself off within a few years time.

Telegraph Readers Named the VW Golf Car of the Year in Their Inaugural Awards

Telegraph readers voted the Volkswagen Golf the Car of the Year. The UK’s first digital motor show, the Telegraph Festival of Motoring, held their inaugural Car of the Year Awards and the Golf took home top honors, setting a standard that will be hard for others to beat. What makes this car one that is coveted by so many?

The Golf continues to be a car that can be a perfect vehicle for every person as it is so versatile. It’s a cheap, reliable car, making it a great choice for those who spend a great deal of time on the road, but it is also a car for those with money to spare who want something that is fast and fun to drive. What makes this so incredible is the Golf has been around since 1974 and yet the company just continues to make it better. It has come a long way from being a novel replacement for an air-cooled, rear-engined Beetle because the Golf was water-cooled and the engine was in the front.

During the 39 year history of the Golf, Volkswagen has made more than 29 million of these vehicles. Although some versions haven’t been very popular with drivers, such as the MklV GTI, all have a reputation that others aspire to. This year’s model is no different although Volkswagen has made a great deal of progress when it comes to this car. Paul Hudson, Acting Head of Motoring for Telegraph, states this car exceeds expectations in most areas. Although some areas didn’t improve as much as others, when added together, the improvements make a huge difference in how this car looks and feels.

From the inclusion of Bluetooth and a colour touch screen to the increase in interior space, this car has features everyone will love. Optional extras allow drivers to customize the car to meet their particular needs and many of these extras used to be reserved for executive cars. Not any longer. This humble hatchback is one that drivers the world over are sure to fall in love with. What should one expect when test driving this vehicle?

In addition to being named Telegraph’s Car of the Year, the Golf has also been named World Car of the Year 2013. Volkswagen makes safety a top priority in the Golf. All cars are rigorously tested and then tested again, from the brakes to the airbags, to ensure all who enter the car are receiving the highest in protection.

The Golf comes with the company’s latest version of their Electronic Stabilization Programme. This programme detects situations which could become critical before they reach this point. The car then takes action to prevent the situation from worsening. This helps to bring the vehicle under control once again. To do so, sensors monitor the progress of wheels on the road. When one or more wheels start to slip, the system applies the brakes to the wheels which are slipping and reduces engine power when needed. This prevents the car from skidding. In addition, the vehicle has been equipped with the Comfort Braking System.

The Driver Alert system monitors the driver when he or she is behind the wheel. Patterns are detected and, when the system believes the driver needs to take a break, the system alerts the driver. Visual and audible warnings are used to let the driver know he or she needs to take a break from behind the wheel.

Adaptive cruise control matches the speed of the car you are following while continuing to maintain a convenient and safe distance. You determine the distance you wish to remain behind this other car and the system takes care of the rest. It handles acceleration and deceleration so you stay within the desired range of speed while maintaining your position.

The panoramic sunroof easily opens with the touch of a button. Don’t ride in a stale car any longer when you can have fresh air in no time at all. Not only will you get to enjoy the great outdoors while cruising down the road, you’ll let some light into the car which everyone will enjoy.

Three versions of the new Golf are currently offered. Choose from the S, the SE and the BlueMotion models. The S comes in five and six speed manual versions, a seven speed auto DSG version and drivers choose from six engines. Key features of this model include the Composition Media System, the Electronic Stability Control, Bluetooth telephone connection and a front centre armrest. The diesel versions come with mis-fuel prevention device. The ABI insurance group rating has yet to be determined and the S models fall into the A-D vehicle excise duty band.

The SE comes with four transmission choices: a five speed manual, a six speed manual, a six speed auto DSG and a seven speed auto DSG. Four engine choices are available and key features of this car include Automatic Distance Control, the Composition Media System, Titan Black ‘Zoom/Micro’ cloth, pre-crash preventative occupant protection and 16″ alloy wheels. This model falls into one of the 13E through 18E ABI insurance group ratings and the SE models also fall into the A-D vehicle excise duty band.

The BlueMotion version comes with a six speed manual and a 1.6 TDI 110PS BlueMotion engine. Features of this model range from features seen in the S and SE model to battery regeneration, a multifunction computer, start/stop function and a partially closed radiator grille complete with blue stripe. Insurance ratings have yet to be determined and this model falls into the VED band A.

With many models to select from, each driver will be sure to find a car they love. It’s no wonder many refer to this car as a ‘humble hatchback’. Although it may not stand out in a crowd, this car offers something for everyone on the road today.