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Detailed: The VW Amarok Canyon – Limited Edition Pick-Up

vw-amarok-canyonSpecialist vehicles tend to find their own niche, and the VW Amarok has certainly made an impact in the pick-up market. Rugged and strong, yet stylish and attractive, this is the sort of vehicle that takes a certain genre and makes it its own, and with some success. The pick-up market is one that has not had a great cache in the UK, yet models such as this have not struggled to find buyers, and the addition of a special edition is something that can only bolster its popularity. So, what does the buyer of a VW Amarok Canyon get in addition to the usual?

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Hatchback’s Back: A Closer Look at Volkswagen’s Hatchback Range

VWhatchbacksWhen Volkswagen launched the Golf in 1974 it was responsible for starting a worldwide trend towards hatchback cars. Within a few years all of the German company’s competitors were offering hatchbacks to try and compete with the hugely successful new car. Forty years and seven generations later, the Golf is the second most popular car in history and Volkswagen now offer a range of hatchbacks including the Up!, Polo, Golf and Scirocco.
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The Sinclair Guide to Winter Driving Techniques

VWwinterdrivingDriving on our busy and often poorly maintained roads can be challenging at any time of the year, but winter brings its own specific challenges. The weather can be harsh and it can also change quickly, resulting in rapidly deteriorating conditions. Before the cold weather comes, it is worth investing in a winter check to ensure battery, electrics, antifreeze and tyres are all up to scratch. Once you take to the road, a few simple precautions and techniques should see you safely to your destination.

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