Monthly Archives: May 2015

GTI Clubsport Revealed


Volkswagen have unveiled their latest hot hatch offering at the Wothersee Festival, and as you can see, it looks absolutely incredible. The Golf GTI Clubsport is a sporty twist on one of the UK’s favourite family hatches and brings a wealth of power and excitement to what has established itself as one of the most sensible cars on the market!

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GTi Supersport Gran Turismo: Coming to Screens Near You!

gti supersport

There is something we need to get off our chests straight off the bat before you stare at this car longingly for any longer…unfortunately, for us, and for you, this car is not currently a real offering. What it is however, is a ludicrous 503bhp GTI Supersport concept which will soon be making its way to a screen near you as part of the latest Gran Turismo video game.

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5 Star Golf R Estate Wows Automotive Press


It has been clear for a while that VW have been onto a winner when it comes to the Golf R. The standard hatchback version looks incredible, and so it should be no surprise to anyone that the Estate version has followed suit. Don’t take it from us though! Writing earlier this month, Auto Express said: “We’ve been blown away by the VW Golf R in almost every environment where we’ve tested it, whether that’s on a frozen lake in the Arctic Circle, a race track in the UK or pottering around central London.”

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