Volkswagen Electric ID Tech Could be the Future

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As the evermore important electric car automotive market grows and manufacturers work to compete with one another to ensure their customers receive the most environmentally friendly and also financially friendly vehicles for their money we have exciting news from Volkswagen about the technology which will be used in the brand new ID electric car when it launches in a few years’ time.

The systems have been moved about on a large scale including the movement of the electric motor to the rear of the vehicle and the climate control system to the nose of the model then the dashboard as a result has been pulled forward by around 20cm which has created space for the brand’s engineers to use an all new ‘augmented HUD’ technology system.

The head up display will be ground-breaking when compared to the current vehicle technologies available; it will be able to project pictograms and information so they appear around 15 metres ahead of the driver which will allow for huge leaps in the ease of following a navigation system as the arrows and directions to follow appear on the surface of the actual road ahead of the driver!

By the time of the model’s release towards the end of the decade the technology is likely to have further advanced to work in line with safety systems and make it obvious to the driver which hazards are ahead of them on their journey including moving risks e.g. pedestrians as well as stationary obstructions and also potential hidden hazards such as slippery patches of road surface ahead.

The vast scope of information available will increase further and further as an increased number of models become connected to the HERE mapping cloud which is jointly owned by numerous brands including Audi and BMW. The system uses a combination of both hyper accurate Lidar-based 3D maps with live information from numerous vehicle sensors to offer the technology which can provide safety warnings and live road information.

Here at Sinclair Volkswagen we can’t wait to find out more about the all new Volkswagen I.D and the technology it will offer. Keep checking back to our blog for future updates on the Volkswagen latest news!

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