Volkswagen technology could see a change in outlook for the automotive industry

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The demand for a new, more sustainable and efficient fuel is no secret. The automotive industry is spending millions of pounds and using extensive human resource to discover a way in which they can revolutionise one of the world’s biggest markets. Huge steps have been taken in a short space of time and cars are becoming ever-more efficient as technological advances come fast.

German giants Volkswagen have engineered a new, innovative technology which could change the mould and see the number of diesel engines sold shrink drastically. The intelligent 48v hybrid system is set to drastically increase the efficiency of their petrol powered engines that could see demand drop for diesel models.

According to Volkswagens Research and Development boss, Dr Frank Welsch, the new electrical system boasts a boosted battery that will aid petrol car emissions by between 6 and 8 g/km of CO2. This along with the extra cost required to get diesel cars through tougher emissions test may mean that diesel powered cars could become a thing of the past.

Dr Welsch stated, “Today diesel engines are more expensive [than petrol engines] and this distance is going to grow as we have to work to tougher standards. We have enough customers for diesel in cars like Polo now, but that might not be the case forever.”
Welsch went on to confirm that the 48-volt hybrid would work perfectly on the brands Polo and Golf models. The system would allow an almost silent start/stop system, which would mean you wouldn’t notice it cutting out when stuck at traffic lights. Features such as this and a cruising function would allow Volkswagen to shed up to 8g/km of CO2 compared to previous versions of the engine.
We look forward to hearing more from Volkswagen and how they plan to bring the 48v mild hybrid system into fruition, so keep your eyes peeled for all the latest coming out of Wolfsburg.

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