Volkswagen set to Introduce New Golf Bodykits

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The iconic Golf has seen its fair share of modifications and revisions over the decades, and now the German giants look set to make further changes to the latest edition of the stunning family-hatch.

The Wolfsburg based company have revealed a trio of bodykits that have been designed by Oettinger to go on three of their performance-focussed models: the GTD, GTI and the range-topping Golf R.

Volkswagen have a long and successful partnership that stretches more than 70 years with tuning outfit Oettinger, so it comes as no surprise that they have turned to them to develop this latest piece of kit.

The new bodykits have all been engineered with wind tunnel approval so although they add a different aesthetic to the standard models, they also offer additional aerodynamic performance.  At the front of the car, the new Golf will get a large front chin spoiler and splitter setup.  The modified front end will be joined by a more aggressive and creased front end with extended new side skirts to complete the performance-focussed look.

Similar changes have been made at the rear of the Golf with an intricate rear diffuser as well as a larger wing with flaps that sit on the back of the roof.

Oettinger has also fitted the revised Golf with a new stainless steel exhaust system with four pipes.  The new exhaust system delivers a louder, more sportscar sounding noise, whilst the Golf R version of the kit even features valve control so you can choose just how loud you want it to be.

The Golf continues to be one of the best-selling cars on the UK roads and this latest addition to the GTI, GTD and Golf R seems sure to increase the demand even further. The additional piece of kit on the GTD and GTI will see an increase in cost of £3,995 whilst the Golf R comes in at an additional £5,225.  For more information or to register your interest in the iconic Golf range, get in touch with the Sinclair Volkswagen team today!


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