Home James: Amazon’s Alexa to Make Automotive Appearance in Volkswagen Cars

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It’s all go at this year’s Consumer Electronics Show, the centre stage for the latest advancements, developments and sensationalist ideas in technology year in, year out. With 2017’s offering kicking off just this week, Volkswagen is already making headlines. Firstly, with the new camper concept, the futuristic I.D. Buzz, but also with the news that Amazon’s own digital assistant Alexa is headed to a VW near you very soon!

Alexa, Who Are You!?



Much like Siri for the living room, the Amazon Echo is currently A.I. Alexa’s primary residence. She can play music when you ask her to, answer a variety of obscure questions, add events to your calendar and remind you of things your poor old brain is too jam-packed to take care of itself, all at the beck and call of your very own dulcet vocal chords.

Alexa, How Will You Enrich My Driving Experience

With Alexa’s adventure into the world of cars, as announced at CES, drivers will soon be able to bark orders at their dashboard and be duly obeyed, as opposed to simply souring the atmosphere with the other passengers and having to turn up the radio for the remainder of the journey. Adding destinations to the sat nav, checking fuel levels or locking and unlocking the vehicle from a home or office will all be possible via the sound of your voice, and you’ll even be able to purchase items should your Volkswagen Car-Net account be linked to your Amazon account.

Alexa, When Will You Be Available?

There’s no release date as yet, but rest assured you’ll hear plenty about Alexa and all her new dashboard features as we know them here at Sinclair Volkswagen. Till then, if you want to know more about VW technology, have a question about your car or are interested in something new, give your nearest Sinclair VW dealership a call today!

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