Why you should sign up for My Volkswagen

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If you own a Volkswagen you should sign up to My Volkswagen as soon as possible. This isn’t so Volkswagen can sell you things or bombard you with offers. When you sign up to My Volkswagen you’re taking full ownership of your Volkswagen and the ongoing upkeep of your vehicle. If you aren’t already, I’m sure you’re wondering what the benefits of this app are? Read on below for more information.

Volkswagen Owner?

Take extra care of your Volkswagen, whether you have a new Volkswagen Scirocco or a used Golf. With My Volkswagen, you can keep track of current service history, meaning you’ll never have to worry about your next service again. If you download the app too you’ll have all of that information available at a tap of your finger. Even better, the app has a handy dealer locator builder, so you’ll be able to find your closest Sinclair Volkswagen dealer in no time. Once you’ve found us you can go on to book a service or MOT.

Again, you’ll be able to use the app to see predictions for the future auto work, alongside the standard service labour charges for this work.

Track the Progress of Your Order

Another reason to sign up to My Volkswagen is it gives you the option to follow your car as it moves through production and sets off on its journey to you. If you’re purchasing a new Volkswagen it’s exciting to know when your vehicle is on the move. Sign up today to get alerts and you’ll be informed when your order advances from us, to its journey to you.

Shop and Save

There is nothing worse than spending hours online modifying your perfect car for it to delete all your efforts once you close the tab. To combat this, Volkswagen has found a solution as you can save your configurations when you browse through My Volkswagen, making us the perfect partner to help you find your dream car.

Tidying up your glovebox

Save time looking through owners manuals, as the app now has a handy section with all this information stored for you! Remove the need to rummage in the glove-box as the warning lights have all been uploaded to stop you asking age old questions like ‘What does that light mean?’ Is it important?’ ‘Should I get it checked?’ Now you can simply log on online or open the app to check these out while you’re on the go and then book into a repair centre to get your car looked at.

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