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The VW Touareg – What Is A Hybrid Powertrain?

You may have heard of the Volkswagen Touareg, but are you aware of the power of its upcoming hybrid version? Continue reading to find out what you can expect from the Touareg Hybrid!

Touareg Hybrid engine

A Powerful & Economic Engine

The newest addition of the VW Touareg means its specialised engine shares the drivetrain with a Porsche Cayenne Hybrid, allowing it to be supercharged with a 35kW electric motor to release 375bhp. This incredibly powerful engine gets the Touareg from 0-60mph in just 6.5 seconds and can even reach nearly 150mph!

Lighter & More Tech Savvy

The VW Touareg Hybrid has been fitted with updated to make it better than ever! Whilst its weight has been reduced by 10% to 203kg, it remains roomier and more economical than ever before, with a Blue Motion pack that reducing consumption and saves fuel. The car is fitted with a four-wheel drive system for its 19inch alloy wheels that have been remodified to have a 40mm wheelbase length to cover more ground.

A Modern Yet Classic Interior

Keeping to its expected form, the Touareg is modern, fresh, and sleek, fitted with luxury seating and high technology to keep you both entertained and in the right direction, with an 8-inch touchscreen radio and sat-nav. To give you the ultimate 5-seater room, here is 1642 litres of load space, so drivers can fill up and go!

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VW Touareg Hybrid

QuantunScape and Volkswagen: A Greener Tomorrow


With the ongoing search for a greener, more environmentally friendly way of fueling our travel, we are seeing new technological advancements that take us to a realm never thought possible.  Volkswagen has been at the forefront of these innovations and with the introduction of BlueMotion diesel engines we have seen a vast improvement in efficiency and fuel economy.

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Polo BlueMotion now available in petrol


Fuel prices may still be tumbling at forecourts across the UK, but while we all know that the cost of a litre of can go up as well as down, Volkswagen has sought to make the Polo BlueMotion as economical as they come in the supermini sector. Now they’ve gone one better in terms of powerplant by offering drivers a choice of a petrol engine or a new diesel option.

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BLUEMOTION: A Great Choice For Fuel Efficiency and Emissions Ratings

Vehicles can be an amazing feat of technology, getting us around in our daily lives by the millions. Every year a new vehicle comes out, and each time it boasts how it’s the best on the market. A lot of the time, these cars can’t live up to their boasting, falling short of reaching the expectations of those their marketing is aimed at. So what are you to do? There’s a new vehicle coming out each year, and you’re wanting the best of the best. Many car companies boast that their vehicle is top of the line, greenest of the green, and the best value for your buck, but are they telling you the truth?

When it comes to the truth, Volkswagen has been providing it for many generations of cars, and trucks, for millions of car owners over the years. They strive to provide the market with the best quality possible, and the most environment friendly cars that they can. Each year they increase the quality in their vehicles, in both design and functionality. Their engines get cleaner with each new design, burning less fuel and creating less exhaust. Their safety features provide not only the driver, but the passengers with more protection each time a new model has come out.

With that in mind, you should have a good idea of which car company you should be choosing to go with. But what model of vehicle will fit your criteria? The new Volkswagen Golf Bluemotion, recently made available for order with deliveries as earliest as August, is by far one of the best new models of this generation. It has unmatched fuel efficiency in its class, making it one of the world’s highest rated fuel efficient family vehicles. Sporting a 50 litre fuel tank, and an 88.3 miles per gallon fuel consumption, it will average around 977 miles per tank theoretically. What does that mean for you? It could very well mean you will only have to refuel the tank ten times a year for an average of roughly 10,000 miles driven annually. This wonder of fuel efficiency has been achieved by the revolutionary lightweight design, and the newest of engine related modifications. Other improvements include the addition of super low rolling resistant tires (with higher air pressure rating), a longer gearbox gear ratio (utilizing a 5 speed manual gearbox), the golf’s new standard battery regeneration system with start/stop capability, and some of the most modern aerodynamic modifications available.

Volkswagen BlueMotion

Volkswagen BlueMotion

Are you sold yet? These cars are going fast, orders are filing in quickly and the books are filling up fast. Why wait for such an amazing vehicle? You could be losing out on a once in a life time opportunity to be the first to obtain this amazing car. It’s 1.6 litre, 110 P.S. common rail T.D.I. Engine based on the amazing EA288 engine series gives it the power you need, in a smaller package than the competition. This four cylinder, 16 valve unit can develop a maximum torque of 250 NM, from between 1500 RPM and 3000 RPM, making it a powerful vehicle for any type of driving you will need. Not only does it provide you with an amazing powerhouse of an engine, but it’s emissions and fuel consumption is further reduced by the reduced internal friction. Further enhancing this, is the innovative thermal management system, which utilizes a shortened warm up phase, exhaust gas re-circulation, two stage oil pump system, cylinder pressure sensors, a switchable electrical water pump, and its water cooled inter-cooler which is built right into the intake manifold. Added to that is the oxidation catalytic converter, with diesel particulate filter and NOx storage catalytic converter.

Still not sold yet? The BlueMotion also comes in two varieties: three door and five door. This little car will give you a lot more room for your buck than you might be expecting. It’s perfect for any size family, and will provide you with all the room you need, for any purpose you have. Coupled with standard features such as air conditioning, bluetooth capability, composition media system, electronic stability control system, and 15 inch steel wheels, this car comes with all you need at a price you can’t beat. Starting around just £22,800 at Sinclair Volkswagen*, the BlueMotion is a steal for the quality and features you’ll be getting in it. There’s no other car out at the moment that can match it’s fuel efficiency or emissions rates, at the price of the BlueMotion. Reserve your BlueMotion and start saving not only money, but our planet as well.

One of the best features of this car, is of course it’s green factor. Everyone is concerned with the well-being of our planet, and Volkswagen is among the leading car companies involved in making cleaner, greener vehicles for our driving needs. The BlueMotion boasts a CO2 emission ratio of 85g/km. This makes the BlueMotion one of the highest rated, green vehicles for this generation of cars. This is due to several of the newest technical advances used in the BlueMotion, coupled with its lightweight design to provide you with the best quality vehicle possible. Don’t you think it’s time you start helping to protect the Earth and it’s environment? The BlueMotion can help you do this and more, providing you with a greener vehicle that will save you money on fuel expenses, paying itself off within a short amount of time. Don’t let this deal pass you by.

*Correct at time of publication