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Volkswagen technology could see a change in outlook for the automotive industry


The demand for a new, more sustainable and efficient fuel is no secret. The automotive industry is spending millions of pounds and using extensive human resource to discover a way in which they can revolutionise one of the world’s biggest markets. Huge steps have been taken in a short space of time and cars are becoming ever-more efficient as technological advances come fast.

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Volkswagen Electric ID Tech Could be the Future


As the evermore important electric car automotive market grows and manufacturers work to compete with one another to ensure their customers receive the most environmentally friendly and also financially friendly vehicles for their money we have exciting news from Volkswagen about the technology which will be used in the brand new ID electric car when it launches in a few years’ time.

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How Do You Feel About Driving Lessons For Your 5 Year Old?

One of the motoring industry’s foremost designers has recently been working on a car that may be used to teach children as young as 5 about road safety issues. Whilst the proposed vehicle, currently dubbed the ET1 (Electric Trainer 1) will have a top speed of just 10 mph, it is understood that children will actually be able to get behind the wheel and experience driving for themselves. Continue reading

Suspension Issues on the Up Due to Poor Roads

New reports from the RAC on the reasons for call outs during 2015 could potentially make for damning statistics when it comes to the state of roads across the UK. Patrols for the RAC reported a 33% rise in the number of times they were called out to breakdowns where the issue was rooted in a suspension problem, which accounted for the highest rise in any category. Continue reading