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Volkswagen I.D. Crozz introduced at Shanghai Motor Show

The desire to find a more sustainable and reliable fuel for cars is one that has swept the motoring industry for decades, but in the last ten years the progress being made is starting to bear fruit and Volkswagen are at the very front of this revolution.

With hybrids-a-plenty and remarkably fuel efficient petrol and diesel engines already available, the German manufacturer has looked to spearhead a move into the electric market. The new I.D. Crozz shown off at this year’s Shanghai Motor Show is the third member introduced to the VW E.V. family and could go on sale as soon as 2020.

The brands latest I.D. model is substantially larger than either of the first two debutants. Its Crossover stature means the I.D. Crozz stands 200mm longer and 50mm wider than the current Volkswagen Tiguan. The new four-seat concept will offer ample cabin space thanks to the manufacturer’s hugely ergonomic MEB platform, designed especially with E.V.’s in mind. The increase in cabin space isn’t detrimental to luggage space either, as the I.D. Crozz delivers 515 litres for your belongings.


Aesthetic-wise, the Crozz takes great inspiration from both the I.D. Buzz microbus and I.D. hatchback already introduced. The electric Crossover will feature animated LED lights to communicate with other commuters on the road, and will now deliver front lighting strips so the motion is more realistic and slick.

The power for the I.D. Crozz will come from a duo of electric motors. The front axle will be powered by a 75KW unit whilst the rear gets a more powerful 150KW. This pair combine to deliver a remarkable 302bhp and when fused together with the 83kWh battery you can reach a staggering 310 mile range!

The I.D. Crozz is designed to mainly focus on being rear-wheel drive however as driving conditions become more hazardous its intuitive technology switches to four-wheel drive to create a more stable driving atmosphere.

The I.D. Crozz is fully autonomous and when this mode is selected, the steering wheel fluidly slides into the dash to create a more relaxing and spacious experience. A new 10.2 inch touchscreen system has been fitted to allow you easy-control of the cars technologies; whether it be air-con or audio player.

Volkswagen boss Dr Herbert Diess has already confirmed the car is nearing production so we can expect to see the reality of this stunning concept within the next three years. Exciting times lie ahead for the German giants, be sure to keep your eyes peeled on more from the I.D. series.

Inside the Volkswagen Virtual Engineering Lab


Image: The Sun

While talk of self-driving cars and autonomous technology is everywhere at the moment, not least in Volkswagen’s latest concepts the I.D. Buzz and SEDRIC; the very latest breakthroughs in modern tech are revolutionising other parts of the automotive infrastructure as well. What do you need to build a Volkswagen with cutting edge technology? Cutting edge car design tools of course!

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Home James: Amazon’s Alexa to Make Automotive Appearance in Volkswagen Cars


It’s all go at this year’s Consumer Electronics Show, the centre stage for the latest advancements, developments and sensationalist ideas in technology year in, year out. With 2017’s offering kicking off just this week, Volkswagen is already making headlines. Firstly, with the new camper concept, the futuristic I.D. Buzz, but also with the news that Amazon’s own digital assistant Alexa is headed to a VW near you very soon!
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Volkswagen technology could see a change in outlook for the automotive industry


The demand for a new, more sustainable and efficient fuel is no secret. The automotive industry is spending millions of pounds and using extensive human resource to discover a way in which they can revolutionise one of the world’s biggest markets. Huge steps have been taken in a short space of time and cars are becoming ever-more efficient as technological advances come fast.

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Plug-in Hybrid Passat GTE Now Available to Order!


Volkswagen have released exciting news in the form of the long awaited plug-in hybrid Passat now being available to order. Having just arrived in the UK the model will go on sale from £34,025 including government’s plug-in car grant and will be available in both Saloon and Estate versions, the top spec Advance estate version will go on sale from £39,230.

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