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GT Black Edition Scirocco Rolls Out

130529_sciroccobe_1055x500Volkswagen release two new special edition Scirocco models which are available for a £550 upgrade from the standard model versions. The two new editions are the Scirocco GT Black Edition and the Scirocco R-Line Black Edition which are based on the GT and R-Line current trim levels but with added cosmetic features themed of course, as per the name, in black.

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The New VW Scirocco Unveiled at Geneva

VW Scirocco - Geneva - 01Volkswagen chose the 2014 Geneva Motor show to unveil its new take on the Scirocco, a VW model originally built between 1974 and 1992. It was in Geneva in 2008 that the third model was unveiled to critical and commercial acclaim, being awarded Top Gear Magazine’s car of the year for 2008. Aside from a production model based off the GT24, since then the appearance¬†and features of the Scirocco have remained pretty much the same. Boasting improved performance, and a stylish facelift, it looks the Scirocco could be turning heads again.

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Hatchback’s Back: A Closer Look at Volkswagen’s Hatchback Range

VWhatchbacksWhen Volkswagen launched the Golf in 1974 it was responsible for starting a worldwide trend towards hatchback cars. Within a few years all of the German company’s competitors were offering hatchbacks to try and compete with the hugely successful new car. Forty years and seven generations later, the Golf is the second most popular car in history and Volkswagen now offer a range of hatchbacks including the Up!, Polo, Golf and Scirocco.
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