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2013 Limited Edition Volkswagen Beetle GSR

Drivers wishing to purchase a Volkswagen Beetle GSR must act quickly as only 100 models will be offered in the United Kingdom with worldwide production being limited to 3,500. Volkswagen, realizing that these cars are going to be in hot demand, are allowing customers to place orders for the first time in the Beetle’s 40 year history. As Beetles are very popular cars, you need to act right away so you don’t miss out. What makes this car so desired by drivers everywhere?

When it was unveiled at the 2013 Chicago Auto Show, visitors immediately were drawn to the unusual design and 210 PS turbocharged engine. Those who remember the GSR model of the 1970s will see some similarities, but there are many differences also. The new version is yellow while the bonnet and bootlid are matt black, just like in the original. In this year’s GSR, the exterior mirror trims and roof are done in black while the 1973 model featured black and yellow side stripes above the door sills and black trim strips located under the side windows. The 2013 vehicle has black and yellow stripes above the side sills with ‘GSR’ lettering added. Rather than equipping the car with black bumpers, the designers choose to use yellow this time along with a black and yellow rear spoiler. For those who want to attract less attention, this vehicle can now be ordered in black or platinum grey, although most enjoy the attention garnered when driving the yellow version. What else does this car have to offer?

Volkswagen Beetle GSR

Volkswagen Beetle GSR

In 1973, Volkswagen chose to use 15-inch steel wheels on the car complete with 175 size tyres. This year’s model comes with 19-inch “Tornado’ alloy wheels and 235/40 tyres. The former version has a black and yellow interior featuring sports seats and a leather sports steering wheel. Volkswagen understands current customers want more from their vehicle and installed R-Line racing seats, an R-Line dash pad, leather hand brake lever gaiter and a high-grip leather sports steering wheel in the 2013. This is in addition to a badge with the vehicle’s special edition number, a GSR gear stick and black floor mats.

When the Beetle GSR was first introduced, it offered just 50 PS, yet drivers were clamoring to own one as this was a great deal of power for compact cars of that time. Today, the Beetle GSR has a 2.0 litre turbocharged 210 PS engine and can go from 0-62 mph in only 7.3 seconds. The top speed of this model is 142 mph thanks to the 280 Nm of torque in the range of 1,700 rpm to 5,200 rpm. Drivers can expect to get an average of 38.7 mpg with CO2 emissions coming in at 169 g/km. Drivers have a choice between a DSG gearbox or a six-speed manual although the DSG does come with a premium.

Orders are being taken now, but deliveries won’t begin taking place until September. Any 2.0-litre TSI Beetle ordered from the factory comes with an upgraded engine. The upgraded engine offers 210 PS rather than the 200 PS available in the previous model. This allows all drivers to have certain features of the GSR even if they sell out rapidly.

If you miss out on the 2013 Limited Edition Beetle GSR, you aren’t out of luck though. You may be able to pick up a Beetle Fender Limited Edition. This model is powered by a 2.0-litre TDI 140 PS engine which can be paired with either a DSG gearbox or a six-speed manual. This model is only available in Deep Pearl Black and comes equipped with Fender badges on the front wiring, 18-inch ‘Discus’ alloy wheels and a rear spoiler. Music lovers will be even more impressed with what is found in the cabin of the Fender Limited Edition.

When you climb behind the wheel of this car, you’ll see what makes it really stand out. The dash is made using “Sunburst’ wood, the same wood found in a classic Fender guitar. In addition, you get a 400-Watt Fender sound system featuring illuminated mountings for the front speakers and a subwoofer mounted in the boot. Volkswagen has taken this a step further and equipped the Fender Limited Edition with a RCD 510 audio unit. With this unit, you get an MDI multi-device interface, a full-colour touchscreen, parking sensors in both the front and rear, bi-xenon headlights, two zone climate control and bespoke cloth seats complete with leather-look side bolsters.

Other 2013 limited edition models will also be offered. The 50s Limited Edition version comes in black with a tan interior and features a rag top for a great retro look. You may also choose between a toffee brown 70s Limited Edition version and a denim blue 60s model. Of all though, very few will be in as much demand as the Beetle GSR.

All models come with air conditioning, Bluetooth technology, heated front seats and cruise control. Limited Edition versions come with additional features such as leather seating and chrome exterior mirror caps. It all depends on which model you choose.

No matter which Volkswagen Beetle you ultimately decide to go with, one thing is guaranteed. You will be driving a classic car that just keeps getting better. If a limited edition model isn’t in your future, you can still opt to purchase the entry level model, the design edition or the sport model. There is a Beetle for every individual and one for every budget. Once you take this car for a drive, you’ll see why it has been a favorite of drivers the world over for so long.