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A Lot To Look Forward To In The Next Volkswagen Golf GTI

. This is the seventh generation of the Golf and it just keeps getting better with each one. It’s stronger, bigger and more refined and this is just a start as to what make the new Golf GTI so amazing.

The entry level Golf GTI produces 210 hp and Volkswagen will do something it has never done before. It will also offer a performance package that bumps this up to 220 hp. Both will have 258 lb-ft of torque which peaks at only 1,400 rpm and remains there until 4,400 rpm for the entry level model and 4,600 rpm for the performance package model. This is what Volkswagen claims the car offers, but those who have tested it said it feels like a great deal more.

Another change to this car involves the 2.0-litre EA888 turbo-four. Not only is it lighter, it’s more efficient too thanks to a number of modifications Volkswagen made to the car. The new engine uses both port and direct injection. Port injection kicks in when RPMs are low while direct injection uses less fuel as the power increases. Experts believe that this may help with intake valve carbon buildup which is frequently seen with direct injection engines. The intake valves are controlled by two cams which make use of variable timing. The cam on the exhaust side comes with variable lift to help reduce turbo lag.

The exhaust runners now collect in the head before directly dumping into the turbo. Reducing the runner length allows for fast spool times and helps with fuel economy. To keep exhaust gas temperature down, runners are now surrounded by coolant. In the past, engines were forced to run richer than preferred to protect the catalytic converter and O2 sensor. Now they don’t have to and fuel economy increases.

Volkswagen opted to stay with the iron block, yet optimized the mass to reduce the weight. The majority of fasteners are now made using aluminum and a plastic oil pan is used. A new turbo unit is also being used to reduce the weight while improving efficiency. Although both power and torque have been increased, the expected ratings for this vehicle come in at 24 mpg in urban conditions and 34 mpg on the motorways for both versions of the Golf GTI.

Volkswagen Golf GTI

Volkswagen Golf GTI

This GTI is the first model to receive a limited-slip differential and Volkswagen chose to use an open differential. The differential has been paired with a hydraulically operated, computer-controlled wet-clutch coupling designed to lock the axles. Doing so lets the differential operate fully open when this will be of benefit and lock when needed. Stability control and differential control are linked while the old electronic differential system is used for brake vectoring in difficult conditions. Drivers continue to have two choices when it comes to the transmission. The DSG six-speed twin-clutch automatic may be chosen or the six-speed manual.

The Golf GTI makes use of the Mk7 which is approximately 100 pounds lighter than its predecessor. They accomplished this by using 16 percent more ultra high-strength, hot-formed steel in the new chassis and yet the car will be safer thanks to modifications made. Many components of the suspension remain the same though. A MacPherson strut is still used in the front, but the subframe and suspension arms are now made using the high-strength steel. The components are larger and stronger, but weigh four pounds less.

A hollow anti-roll bar is used and the roll center is now closer to the center of gravity. This improves body roll while spring rates remain the same. Suspension bushings have been modified and made stronger to keep the tire pointed in the correct direction.

The rear suspension weighs less while still using the multi-link design and functionality has been improved. Transverse rigidity has increased with the introduction of new bushings which also helps with improved rear tyre tracking. The reaction of the car during turn in is quickened. The rear suspension also has a hollow anti-roll bar and Volkswagen opted to change the location of both the shock-mounting points and the anti-roll bar drop-links. The car feels more connected from bumper to bumper. These are just a few examples of how Volkswagen has worked to make the Golf GTI their best Golf ever.

When you get behind the wheel of this car, you’ll love what the new technology has to offer without even realizing it’s doing it because it is so unobtrusive. It takes a few minutes to get the feel of the variable rate steering rack, but once you do, you’ll fall in love. This car offers a quiet ride, one that is smoother than in previous models. Drivers appreciate the major differences seen in the handling and ride when using the various modes offered through the Dynamic Chassis Control and the car tracks as a consistent unit. This is most noticeable when going from a corner to a straight track.

Front and back now work together and the limited slip differential is a dream come true. The Performance Package only improves on this. What makes this car amazing though and a definite winner when compared to the Ford Focus is the refinement. This doesn’t even take into account the incredible seats, steering wheel and golf ball shift knob. With so much to love about this car, reading a review will never be enough. You have to go test drive the car for yourself just to see how incredible it is.

A Look At The Volkswagen Golf GTi Mk 7

Every year, more and more drivers are looking for safer alternatives to their old vehicles. With the emissions laws ever changing, and the constant worry about the environment escalating each year, there’s never been a better time to look into a new Volkswagen. As leaders in the car industry for safe, fuel efficient, environment friendly cars, they’re your best choice in car company to purchase from. Everyone wants a car that can save them money on fuel, making it easier to make those long trips to work, and Volkswagen’s latest plethora of vehicles out on the market are the answer to that wanting. Parents are choosing Volkswagen more often, over leading competitors, when it comes to buying their child or children their first vehicle. The safety features alone give those parents the confidence they require, knowing that their choice in vehicle will keep their children safe on the road, as they start on their journey into adulthood. Even families are benefiting from the newest of Volkswagen vehicles, due to the room they provide for the whole family, as well as the comfort integrated into their designs for long family trips, or simply for shopping trips and family outings.

Volkswagen Golf GTI

The Volkswagen Golf GTI Mk 7

So which model is right for your needs? Which Volkswagen will fit your specific needs and wants? There are many to choose from, as Volkswagen has been providing fuel efficient, green cars for many generations. Their cars are highly affordable, making them a great selection for anyone looking for a new car that may be on a budget. You’ll get more for your buck when choosing a Volkswagen, as they all come with an amazing array of features and equipment that provides you with more horsepower, torque, greener emissions, and all the comforts you could need, all in one package. So, with all these amazing accomplishments, why is it that you’re still unsure of which model to choose from?

The newest Volkswagen Golf GTI is definitely a good choice when it comes to covering all the previously mentioned categories you’ll be looking for in a car. Aspects such as fuel efficiency and durability is key to finding a great car. You want a car that will last you a long time, and provide you with the most optimal fuel efficiency you can get. The VW Golf GTI provides you with all of this and more, in a stylish package that will turn heads no matter where you go. Don’t you think it’s time to arrive in style, even when it’s just arriving at work?

The VW Gold incorporates a 230 PS Golf GTI Engine, that provides an 18% improvement in fuel economy. This advanced EA888 series engines packs a major punch when it comes to power and torque. It’s a two litre turbocharged, direct injection gasoline engine, that utilizes a modern cylinder head design that provides it with more power than any engine before it. It can produce upwards to 220 horsepower (anywhere from 4500 to 6200 RPM). It’s available in a 230 horsepower version as well (between 4700 RPM and 6200 RPM). Both versions will be equipped with a standard start/stop system, a 6 speed gearbox transmission, attaining the same low NEDC fuel consumption of 39 miles per gallon and 139g/km CO2 ratio. Compared to previous models, the combined fuel consumption of this new engine is reduced (as stated previously) 18 percent when compared to previous models. The 6 speed dual clutch gearbox is an optional add-on for both power levels provided. The new engine models provide a considerable increase in torque compared to older models (70 NM / 51.6 lbs/ft). Added to these improvements, is the new efficient thermal management system. These innovative modifications include exhaust gas cooling which is integrated into the cylinder head, and dual injection system with both multiple point injection and direct injection. A fully electronic coolant control system, enables a significant increase in efficiency for thermal management, providing a shorter warm-up phase. This reduces loss of friction, which improves your fuel economy significantly.

There are many new features the VW Golf GTI provides it’s owner, making it a powerhouse in such a small package. Progressive steering being one of them, a standard for both engine types. The steering system will let drivers make turns with minimum steering wheel movement, making it easier to drive without constantly turning the steering wheel repeatedly for larger turns and bends. Dynamic chassis control will also play a huge role in the Golf’s innovative features. This system will offer three differing driving modes for the driver to select. These modes being Comfort, Normal, and Sport. The driver will be able to select them under the Driving Profile Selector, on their touchscreen¬†centre¬†console. Each profile will give the driver a unique and dynamic handling for the Golf, allowing for better driving under varying circumstance on the road. And with the innovative improvements to the MacPherson-type front suspension system, utilizing track stabilizing scrub radius and low wishbone (which was newly developed for this suspension system), it will enable an optimal handling and steering never seen before in a car, with a balanced response to any vibrations.

The VW Golf GTI is by far, the best choice for your vehicle needs. Wrapped in a stylish package that is both modern and hip, is a powerhouse of torque and muscle not previously seen in such a small vehicle. Don’t let this vehicle pass you by, invest in a car that will save you money on fuel, essentially paying itself off within a few years time.