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The Generously Sized New Volkswagen Golf Estate

Over the last few years, the Volkswagen group has launched an intensive effort to broaden their product offerings and create new models that appeal to drivers who value generously sized cabins as well as boot space for maximum people and cargo hauling capacity. These drivers, who have historically gravitated toward more upscale options that offer the spacious interior and storage option desired, represent a significant portion of the auto-mobile buying market, which is why Volkswagen has made such a concerted effort to build a model that appeals to the specific preferences and needs of these drivers while also including other features that are universally popular, like increased fuel efficiency, hearty engine performance, and comfortable, well-appointed interiors. This initiative has come to fruition with the Volkswagen Golf Estate, a model that is based on the traditional Golf look but offers drastically resized boot capacity for maximum storage and hauling. With all the hallmarks of the Volkswagen brand, the Golf Estate represents a serious contender in the automotive field of generously sized compact cars.

Similar to the Passat Estate, the Golf Estate features sleek, cleanly styled lines that focus on creating a trim, elegant look while cleverly concealing the additional length and width that differentiate the Golf Estate from its hatchback incarnation. Measuring at approximately 307 millimetres longer than the hatchback, this additional length resizes the boot space from its previous 505 litre measurement to a substantial 605 litres. In addition to this, the Estate’s rear seats can be folded flat to increase storage capacity even more to a gargantuan 1620 litres, enough to haul just about anything you can think of. This places the Golf Estate neatly between two other popular contenders in this category, the Octavia Estate and Ford Focus Estate, and makes it an attractive alternative to the “too small” and “too big” conundrum presented by the previously mentioned models. While the Estate lacks the convenient and easily utilized boot handles featured in the Octavia, it does make loading and unloading simpler by covering gaps and cracks that can cause items to snag and become hung.

Volkswagen Golf Estate

Volkswagen Golf Estate

In terms of engine size, the Golf Estate offers a wide range of options to fit the preferences of just about every driver, regardless of whether you value fuel economy, power, or both. Between the four petrol and three diesel engines on offer, the smallest engine clocks in at 1.2 litre and 83 brake horsepower (bhp), while the largest boasts 2.0 litres and 147 bhp. Analysts expect most UK buyers to opt for the 1.6 litre turbo diesel injection (TDI) engine that features 103 bhp and a low emission rate of 102 grams of carbon dioxide per kilometre. This particular model averages approximately a hefty 72 miles per gallon, making it a clear choice for the consumers who prioritize fuel efficiency but are unwilling to sacrifice performance. This engine is available in both a five speed manual transmission option or a seven speed DSG automatic option, further broadening its appeal. As the cherry on top, the Golf Estate is rated about four groups lower than the previous model year in terms of insurance, which means that consumers will save even more valuable money.

Many reviewers also expect customer to queue up for the 1.4 litre turbo stratified injection (TSI) engine, which is also sometimes known as a TFSI injection engine. This particular engine model provides a smooth and quiet performance that delivers significant fuel economy at more than 53 miles per gallon, and the 138 bhp performance offers additional power. The premier GT trim is offered with the option of a 1.4 litre engine that features cylinder deactivation technology, which turns off cylinders that are not currently in use for even greater fuel efficiency while still providing the access to additional power when necessary. The available trim level begin at S and include SE, GT and a BlueMotion model, all of which feature stop and start, iPod connectors, DAB radio that includes a touchscreen for easy access, Bluetooth, and seven airbags for maximum safety and protection. The SE models boost all of this with a forward-facing sensor that works to detect and prevent imminent collisions, automatic head lamps and windscreen wipes, alloy wheels, and multiple driving modes for different driver preferences. The GT series boast 17 inch wheels, privacy glass, folding door mirrors, satellite navigation technology, sports suspension for increased comfort, and sensors to make the parking process easier.

The Golf Estate deliver a reliable and confident performance on the road, and features sensitive and precise steering that responds quickly and easily to driver motion. With slightly more body roll than other models, the Estate cancels this out with a soft suspension that cushions bumps and shifts along the road, delivering superior comfort for driver and passengers alike. The interior is sleekly designed and luxuriously appointed with noise reducing mechanisms to decrease unnecessary sound from the movement of the car and outside drag. While it may not be the first choice for a sporty ride, the Estate more than makes up for it with an outstanding level of comfort, space and economy. While many of the same features and benefits can be found in the Estate’s relative, the Octavia, the overall design, impressive performance, and unbeatable style will put the Volkswagen Golf Estate over the top for consumers every time. Drivers who value performance, power and economy have a new contender for the number one slot in the Golf Estate.