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Telegraph Readers Named the VW Golf Car of the Year in Their Inaugural Awards

Telegraph readers voted the Volkswagen Golf the Car of the Year. The UK’s first digital motor show, the Telegraph Festival of Motoring, held their inaugural Car of the Year Awards and the Golf took home top honors, setting a standard that will be hard for others to beat. What makes this car one that is coveted by so many?

The Golf continues to be a car that can be a perfect vehicle for every person as it is so versatile. It’s a cheap, reliable car, making it a great choice for those who spend a great deal of time on the road, but it is also a car for those with money to spare who want something that is fast and fun to drive. What makes this so incredible is the Golf has been around since 1974 and yet the company just continues to make it better. It has come a long way from being a novel replacement for an air-cooled, rear-engined Beetle because the Golf was water-cooled and the engine was in the front.

During the 39 year history of the Golf, Volkswagen has made more than 29 million of these vehicles. Although some versions haven’t been very popular with drivers, such as the MklV GTI, all have a reputation that others aspire to. This year’s model is no different although Volkswagen has made a great deal of progress when it comes to this car. Paul Hudson, Acting Head of Motoring for Telegraph, states this car exceeds expectations in most areas. Although some areas didn’t improve as much as others, when added together, the improvements make a huge difference in how this car looks and feels.

From the inclusion of Bluetooth and a colour touch screen to the increase in interior space, this car has features everyone will love. Optional extras allow drivers to customize the car to meet their particular needs and many of these extras used to be reserved for executive cars. Not any longer. This humble hatchback is one that drivers the world over are sure to fall in love with. What should one expect when test driving this vehicle?

In addition to being named Telegraph’s Car of the Year, the Golf has also been named World Car of the Year 2013. Volkswagen makes safety a top priority in the Golf. All cars are rigorously tested and then tested again, from the brakes to the airbags, to ensure all who enter the car are receiving the highest in protection.

The Golf comes with the company’s latest version of their Electronic Stabilization Programme. This programme detects situations which could become critical before they reach this point. The car then takes action to prevent the situation from worsening. This helps to bring the vehicle under control once again. To do so, sensors monitor the progress of wheels on the road. When one or more wheels start to slip, the system applies the brakes to the wheels which are slipping and reduces engine power when needed. This prevents the car from skidding. In addition, the vehicle has been equipped with the Comfort Braking System.

The Driver Alert system monitors the driver when he or she is behind the wheel. Patterns are detected and, when the system believes the driver needs to take a break, the system alerts the driver. Visual and audible warnings are used to let the driver know he or she needs to take a break from behind the wheel.

Adaptive cruise control matches the speed of the car you are following while continuing to maintain a convenient and safe distance. You determine the distance you wish to remain behind this other car and the system takes care of the rest. It handles acceleration and deceleration so you stay within the desired range of speed while maintaining your position.

The panoramic sunroof easily opens with the touch of a button. Don’t ride in a stale car any longer when you can have fresh air in no time at all. Not only will you get to enjoy the great outdoors while cruising down the road, you’ll let some light into the car which everyone will enjoy.

Three versions of the new Golf are currently offered. Choose from the S, the SE and the BlueMotion models. The S comes in five and six speed manual versions, a seven speed auto DSG version and drivers choose from six engines. Key features of this model include the Composition Media System, the Electronic Stability Control, Bluetooth telephone connection and a front centre armrest. The diesel versions come with mis-fuel prevention device. The ABI insurance group rating has yet to be determined and the S models fall into the A-D vehicle excise duty band.

The SE comes with four transmission choices: a five speed manual, a six speed manual, a six speed auto DSG and a seven speed auto DSG. Four engine choices are available and key features of this car include Automatic Distance Control, the Composition Media System, Titan Black ‘Zoom/Micro’ cloth, pre-crash preventative occupant protection and 16″ alloy wheels. This model falls into one of the 13E through 18E ABI insurance group ratings and the SE models also fall into the A-D vehicle excise duty band.

The BlueMotion version comes with a six speed manual and a 1.6 TDI 110PS BlueMotion engine. Features of this model range from features seen in the S and SE model to battery regeneration, a multifunction computer, start/stop function and a partially closed radiator grille complete with blue stripe. Insurance ratings have yet to be determined and this model falls into the VED band A.

With many models to select from, each driver will be sure to find a car they love. It’s no wonder many refer to this car as a ‘humble hatchback’. Although it may not stand out in a crowd, this car offers something for everyone on the road today.