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The Volkswagen Polo and What It Is Capable Of

When you go to look for a new vehicle, you have certain features in mind that you don’t want to live without. Some prefer to have a car that is fun to drive while others are looking for a classy car and one that is comfortable. If you fall into the second category, be sure to check out the Volkswagen Polo. Not only is it comfortable and classy, but it offers secure handling and the price is more than reasonable. Entry-levels models do lack in power and the 1.2-litre petrol engines tend to be noisy, but those who choose upgraded versions quickly fall in love.

Key Figures for the Polo:

  • Price £10,650 to £20,190
  • Target Price £10,207 to £18,856
  • Three Year Cost £10,960 to £16,849
  • Fuel Every 100 miles £10 to £13
  • CO2 Figures 91-139 g/km
  • Tax Band A-E
Volkswagen Polo

Volkswagen Polo

Entry-level versions of the Polo come equipped with 1.2-litre three cylinder engines which are lacking in many ways. The 1.4 84bhp engine is an improvement, but those who really want power from their car opt to go with the turbo, turbocharged or supercharged versions. The turbos comes in a 1.2 and 1.4 version with the 1.4 turbo shutting off half of its cylinders at times to achieve better fuel economy. Diesel models comes with either a 1.2- or 1.6-litre engine, but drivers looking for a performance car may find these lacking as they are designed for fuel savings rather than performance.

Many find the Polo to be lacking in terms of the drive as it cannot compete with the Ford Fiesta in terms of driver enjoyment. The Polo is lacking in body lean when cornering and inconsistent weighting is a problem when it comes to the steering. It tends to fluctuate between being too heavy and then too light. Occupants will notice a bounce when bumps are encountered, but overall the ride is both comfortable and supple, making this a great choice for both short and long trips where comfort is a priority.

When out on the motorway, you will notice some wind noise but, for the most part, this isn’t a major issue. Road noise is always kept to a minimum and the turbo engines rarely require any revving. Even the non-turbo 1.4-litre offers a refined ride, but those who select a 1.2 three-cylinder engine quickly discover they are very noisy on the road. The diesels don’t fare much better in this area as they are clattery and the driver will feel unpleasant vibrations under their feet.

Although the Polo is considered a premium product, the price tag doesn’t reflect this and neither do the running costs. When you go to check out this car, you will be pleasantly surprised to see that it actually costs less than many of its mainstream rivals. If you choose to go with a petrol, you’ll pay more at the fueling station than you would with a diesel, but the costs are still reasonable. Diesel models are very thrifty and, no matter which type of engine you ultimately decide to go with, you’ll find that it is a popular car and one that many would love to own. The major advantage to this is resale values tend to remain very high and the Polo is at the top of its class in this area.

Quality is another reason many choose the Polo over its competitors. Every Polo sold comes with an upmarket feel thanks to soft-touch plastics and a switch gear that feels very solid. Drivers love the fact that these cars tend to be very reliable although the JD Power customer satisfaction survey in 2012 only listed this car as average in this respect.

All models comes with front and side airbags and stability control, but you will pay more for curtain airbags. This vehicle not only received five stars on the Euro NCAP crash test, but it received 90 percent for adult safety which is an excellent rating. Security features found on this car include a visible vehicle identification number plate, deadlocks and security-etched parts.

The Polo offers decent room for front passengers, but lags behind its competitors in terms of rear space. The cabin does have an airy feel to it which all occupants appreciate and the boot offers ample room for most. Look for a model offering a false floor as this increase cargo space significantly. Rear seat bases can be lifted and seat backs folded down for even more room.

The cabin is well laid out as it is very simplistic and yet boasts fine ergonomics. Instruments are clearly labeled and the centre console is well-ordered. Dials, switches and buttons are large and easy to read, making this car very user-friendly. Drivers love the wide range of adjustment for both their seat and the steering wheel and visibility is never an issue as it is excellent all-round.

Five trim levels are offered on the Polo. The S is the entry-level version and comes with central locking, a CD player and electric front windows. Move up to the Match trim level and you’ll also get remote central locking, alloy wheels, air-con and electric rear windows on models with five doors. The SEL version features upgraded trim and upholstery, a leather-trimmed steering wheel and extra stowage while the R line has a sportier look. For those who want the top-of-the-line Polo, the GTI is offered. This model comes with a semi-automatic gearbox.

Anyone in the market for a new car should definitely check out the Polo. With much to love about this car, it’s no wonder it continues to remain popular. Thanks to the reasonable pricing, it’s easy on the wallet too, making it the perfect choice for those on a limited budget.