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An Electrifying Year for Volkswagen

2013volkswagenMany of us are familiar with the term ‘out with the old and in with the new’ as we greet a new year, and this was certainly the case for Volkswagen in 2013. The year saw the end of production for the much loved Kombi van. The Kombi holds the record for the longest continuous production of any vehicle in the world, having being manufactured for 63 years. In its Camper guise it was a favourite of surfers and hippies around the world and VW in Brazil, where the last Kombis are being produced, has designed a special farewell addition. This model has two tone paint and upholstery, whitewall tyres and a special numbered plaque on the dash to confirm its authenticity. The van was still very popular with customers but modern health and safety regulations demanded features that the elderly vehicle could not accommodate. The last Kombi rolled off the assembly line at the Anchieta plant just outside Sao Paulo on 20 December 2013.

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